It is always proper to take care of your look without losing your identity.

A well cared face, with treated skin and defined volumes, gives it a healthy look. A healthy looking face is a beautiful face.

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Dr. Nunzioluca Chianese
Plastic Surgeon specializing in Facial Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery

Through my experience in facial procedures and surgery you can achieve amazing results to discover your most beautiful self.

Natural results are a must.

There are three different minimally invasive options
to return your face to it’s fresh and natural look.


A complete therapy for the rejuvenation of the skin utilizing specific formulations of hyaluronic acid.

02. Reshape

Restoration of lost facial volume, filling in lines and wrinkles, and augmentation of the lips.

03. Regenerate

The mechanism of natural restoration of health, youth and beauty is hidden in our own bodies.

To take care of ourselves takes time.
The time that I need to take care of your face consists
of two to three short appointments a year.

Our goal

Our common purpose is
to keep the harmony and the identity of the face.

Using the best products and with my experience, we are going to refresh your appearance.

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What you’re expecting from our first consultation.

The first question during the first consultation is always the same:

“What would you recommend for my face?
What would you modify or change about me?”

My answer is always the same..

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